CHARCOAL BURNING RESIN INCENSES are blends of resins gathered from the sap of trees, fragrant flowers and valuable essential oils from the Far East, Africa the Middle East. Charcoal resins travelled thousands of miles by camel trade caravans; their destination royalty, the wealthy and privileged few.

Resins like Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Gloria have been blended and revered for centuries, to be offered in worship and mystical ceremonies by religions all over the world, and were the original “Gift of the Jaji” brought by the Three Kings.

Sage, Cedar and Copal are considered the sacred smudging incenses (for cleansing crystals and stones) of the Indians of North and South America.


Cedar                          Purifies; aids in healing; protects, sanctifies and brings wealth.

Copal                          Incense of the Mayans; protects; clears negative vibrations.

Frankincense              Protects; increases spirituality and love; consecrates.

Lavender                    Improves mental concentration, communication and meditation.

Myrrh                         Aids in healing; protects; brings peace of mind.

Sage                            Purifies and cleanses; removes negative elements.

Sandalwood               Protects; aids in healing and mediation.

INGRDIENTS:  Ethiopian, Kashmiri, Moroccan and Three Kings are blends of Frankincense, Myrrh and secret essential oils. Egyptian contains the same, plus Lavender Flowers. Gloria contains all these, plus Gum of Siam and Oil of Orange. Sandalwood is of the highest grade with no oil removed.


  1. Place charcoal in burner and light. DO NOT HOLD in your hand to ignite—charcoal ignites instantly when yu put a burning match to it.
  2. Place burner in ash tray, planter or other safe container as it gets very hot.
  3. Fan charcoal until it turns grey.
  4. Place 2-3 stones, or pinch of powder, in center of charcoal. Scented oils or powdered incense may also be sprinkled for various fragrance effects.

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