Rev. Lynn has discovered her psychic abilities at a young age when she realized that her dreams were telling her about events in her life that were coming true. Along with the dreams there were Angels providing her with insight into situations & events, eventually she was able to apply her gifts to other people and help them plan for a better future. She is available for a Psychic Party, private reading, and email, she does house blessing and holds classes & workshops.lynn-davies-web Rev. Lynn is a Certified Life Coach, Color Harmonic / Color Therapy, Practitioner of Access Consciousness, Certified Hypnotherapist, Anesthesiology, Transpersonal Therapy, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Time-Line Master Practitioner, Trainer in Hypnotherapy, Bio-Energetic Healing Techniques, Healing Touch and Past Life Regression. Lynn is also a Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Psychic/medium.

I’m no longer doing the past life regressions at this time.

Rev. Lynn lived in Arizona over 60 years and making her dreams come true, by helping people in healing through her studies and expertise. She also holds ordination with Universal Life Church and University of Metaphysics & Sedona, in which she has held Marriage Ceremonies, Baptisms, Dedications, and Affirmation of Love.

Call for ¬†appointment: 602-501-5600, or you can text or email. (I don’t do walk-in)

Visa and Master Charge are accepted.

4759 S. Astral Heights
Mesa, Arizona 85212


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