Intuitive Life Coach

Areas of focus for your Life Success Coaching session:

•Get a promotion
•Deal with conflict
•Handle loss of job
•Produce results faster
•Become an effective leader
•Set and achieve goals/outcomes
•Attract and maintain a relationship
•Deal with upsets/negative feelings
•Recover from difficult life experiences
•Design your life vs. being a victim of circumstances
•Discover Core Values and eliminate values binds.

$85.00 per session

Package  3 session for $210.00

PayPal, Visa and Master Charge are accepted. If paying by cash you can receive a 10% discount.


Dear Lynn,
It is rare when we find someone who can make a substantial difference in our life in such a short time. You have done this for me, Lynn. You have enabled me to find an inner peace, calm and contentedness that I cannot ever remember feeling to this degree. Your sessions and the exercises you have provided me with are helping me throughout many situations each and every day. I am currently at 9 of your “40 day” program – this is really creating confidence in being in the moment and knowing that I am all I need.
You have given me the greatest gift anyone can have Lynn, the gift of self-confidence which I had allowed to deteriorate bit by bit over time. I now feel as though I can enjoy life fully by myself regardless of who may or may not be around one at any given time.  Thank you Lynn
Sincerely  Kim S. — Phoenix, AZ

“Lynn is an encouraging, inspiring, and beautiful life coach! She truly uses her gift to help others!!”        Renee A., Gilbert, Arizona

“Lynn was my personal angel. She was blunt and honest, yet equally caring and sweet. She taught us positive thinking and techniques to change negative thinking. I will definitely be seeing her again!” Aubrey T., Arizona

“Peaceful. I have been working in a stress state for some time. I came to this reading not knowing what to expect. I was calm and at peace during this reading. She is a healer, and incorporated not just a reading but also taught me about ways to learn how to relax, focus and gave me hope. Since then, I am sleeping better, more relax and enjoying my time in life” Richard C., Arizona










I, the undersigned, having requested a consultation for Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP, and Time Therapy, understand that this is a conditioning process, whereby an individual is taught to use their own abilities, for their own lasting results.  I understand that personal results vary. Further, I am aware that this is a non-medical, and agree to consult my personal doctor for medical advice and/ or treatment.


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